The recent article in The Roanoke Times concerning the removal from kiosks of student newspapers at VCU, allegedly by members of the Student Government Association unhappy with the contents of a certain story, has finally given me the solution to an issue which has bedeviled readers of the Times for years.

My plan is to surreptitiously remove all copies of the Times from all newspaper vending machines throughout the County on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, days when Dan Casey's column normally appears. However, in deference to reader preference, I won't be removing the Sunday comics since this is undoubtedly the first section most people turn to in order to gain a somewhat unbiased view of the world scene.

In this way I believe I'll be performing a noble civic duty which will certainly negate any potential legal issues I may face. I realize the sacrifices I'll be facing in pursuing this course of action; however, if this serves to ensure that Dan's inane blathering concerning politics is silenced I'm sure the community will rally behind me in support and it will all be well worth it.

NB: You do realize, of course, this is all "tongue in cheek" (just checking)!



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