Your Sunday June 9 headline “Mexico deal a political win” was intriguing: just what is a “political win” in this new age of politics? I went on to read that in fact the deal “allowed Trump to claim a political win” which is in fact a far cry from actually being a political win. But aside from that important point, what is that political win? In this case what the U.S. did was taunt, harangue, tweet and bully our trade partner into submission on an agreement on immigration that a recent New York Times article says really had nothing new. But even if there was some new agreements, does anyone in their heart of hearts really think we have taken one step towards solving the problem of starving and oppressed people looking for hope and a better life?

I agree that immigration is one of many important issues that our political leaders need to address, but this is a tough global problem requiring creative solutions, not “political wins.” I expect a real solution will require honest dialogue among all the parties and some honest negotiations to achieve long-term solutions. In essence, a political win is “tweetable.” Is it naive to expect our leaders to have as a goal to create sustainable solutions rather than tweetable wins?

And really editors, if I beat-up a neighbor kid shooting hoops, stole his basketball, and scored a few goals and then claimed a win, would you call it a win when you wrote about the incident in the arrest report or would you call it what it was--bullying? Now that I think about it, I don’t care for “political wins,” they usually have an ugly underside.



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