Thank you John Long for "What's right with our country" (Aug. 8, commentary). You remind us of our many simple everyday blessings, in the midst of our current tragedies. We can easily forget, and take for granted that so much more is right about our country, than what is wrong.

It is easy to become despondent when those who thrive on division and discord use tragedies, such as our current shootings, to raise campaign funds and further a political agenda.

Leonard Pitts in "And again. And still," Aug. 8 column, takes full advantage. He laments the need for more gun control but shows no sincere interest in looking at what might be different in our society today than years ago when there were just as many guns, and no issue of mass shootings. The high numbers of daily shootings in inner cities, where there are strict gun laws, is not discussed.

Some experts believe fatherless families and decline of a faith life, contribute to a crisis in our youth, along with a taught victimhood mentality. Hope and belief in ones self and a future do not thrive well in this environment. It does not foster good mental health.

Mr. Pitts, who recently asked "Is the GOP a hate group?" says, "we fail our country and ourselves" if we don't support more gun control. We fail our country and ourselves if we don't honestly look at all aspects of causes for random violence and work to restore a society that will nurture young minds with belief in themselves and belief in their amazing wonderful country. As long as we have government "By The People," we have a chance to fix what is wrong. A government By the People depends on a working Second Amendment.



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