Melinda Setzer

Melinda Setzer

By Melinda Setzer

Setzer is a former columnist for The Salisbury Post in Salisbury, North Carolina. She now lives in Roanoke.

My heart is sad this morning because another senseless act of murder has occurred with 12 people dead and others critical. A police officer was wounded. His vest saved his life, but he, too, is in the hospital. Once again the debate will start: “Gun control vs. people kill people vs. mental health.” The debates do not change a thing, laws will not change anything either. If someone is intent on killing, he will find a gun if that is what he chooses with which to kill, whether legal or not, and do his awful act to people he might not even know.

This shooting sounds as if this madman knew some of the people he shot. The mayor’s carpenter was just there getting a permit for a new job he would be doing. This ‘madman,” however, probably did not know him. Here in Roanoke we had a shooting at a restaurant over a parking place. What is wrong with people’s thinking? What causes someone to get so upset over a parking place to get a gun and start shooting. The world has gone mad. Totally mad!

Then I heard on the weather channel about how at a station in Dayton, Ohio, the weatherman interrupted “The Bachelorette” to tell the residents a tornado was on the ground and folks called irate yelling how dare they break into their show. The world has gone mad! Is this madness going to stop? No. There are no morals any more. None. Our society has become “Me, me, me. Me first,” Always wanting their way and always wanting it now and you better not tell them they cannot have it their way or do it their way as they are always right.

I am not sure why I am even writing this letter this morning. Letters do no good, but maybe it will help me just to express my feelings of sadness for the many, many people affected by a madman. Some people this morning probably do not even know a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor, a relative is even dead. Yes, we pray, we think about them, we say all the words, but then our lives go on. We will go to the lake today, watch ballgames, drink our beer, have a party, go shopping, grill out, and on and on. Our churches will pray for the families tomorrow, some will, some will probably not even mention this tragedy as it doesn’t affect them.

Today on the news a former police officer whose job was to go into the crime scenes to gather evidence and step over bodies, seeing the carnage, said it is something you do not ever get over. Never. Like the battles from wars that our vet’s still deal with and some still do not talk about it and we will celebrate 75 years of D-Day June 6. Yes, our lives have to go on. We have to continue functioning because if we don’t, this madman wins.

Yes, pray for these families, but put a note on your mirror this week and for the month of June and pray for them every day. It’s the least you can do for 12 lives lost and so many, many affected by once again a senseless act of violence.

If you find yourself depressed, talk to someone, and turn off the news. You have heard it now so no sense in constantly seeing the pictures over and over again.

Put on some music, talk a walk on this cool beautiful day and hug your family and tell them you love them, and take a moment to thank your Lord you are alive and well, your family is safe and how very blessed you are.

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