By Fuzzy Minnix

Minnix is a former member of the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors and the Roanoke County School Board.

It is plain to see that people in our nation are under attack. People are being killed in churches, at work, on the sidewalk, in movies, and in schools. Innocent people are run down by cars and trucks, are stabbed with knives, and beaten with baseball bats. The number one weapon, of course, is guns.

But I never heard of a car or truck, or knives or bats, deciding they’re going to kill someone. Did you ever see a butcher knife jump out of a drawer, cross the floor, and stab someone to death? Have you seen a hunter’s knife silently slip along the Appalachian Trail until it meets an innocent hiker and stabs him to death? Or have you watched a car or truck, on its own, start up and purposely run down a group of people walking down the sidewalk? The fact is, it takes more than a weapon to commit a murder. By now you have concluded that someone had to be in charge of that weapon with the intent of harming other human beings.

Because guns do most of the damage by taking lives, let’s start there. How can we stop these useless slaughters? Ah–ha! Some folks already have the solution. Take away all the guns. These folks are especially concerned that an assault rifle in the hands of some sick fool will lead to more of the same. Unfortunately, that is true. However, if they really want to stop this type of slaughter, why stop with the assault rifle? After all, 80% of these attacks come not from rifles, but handguns. Friends, can’t you see what’s happening here? The rifle ploy is just to get the ball rolling on taking away all weapons. Because they know, like the old mid-east adage points out, if a camel can get his nose under your tent, he will soon be in bed with you.

Okay, here’s the solution: pass a law that makes guns illegal. Of course, some states have that law already, and they have the biggest problems. But for the sake of argument, let’s say we make that law. No more guns made or sold in the United States. My friends, are you really stupid enough to believe that will take care of the problem? By chance, from your study of history, do you remember the 1929 Prohibition law that stated no more alcohol would be made, sold, or served in the United States? People rejoiced. We’ll have a regular Shangri-La. No more drunk husbands coming home and beating their wives and kids. Everyone in church on Sunday. Hallelujah! No more drunken brawls in bars and beer joints. No alcoholics lying in a pile of puke on the sidewalk. The government has finally acted to solve the problem. But wait! The people who supported and passed that law surely must have walked with a white cane because it is obvious, they could not see beyond the end of their nose. The law was a disaster and was finally repealed.

If we were fool enough to make such a law concerning the legality of guns, would you care to know what would happen? Remember Prohibition, how liquor came in from Canada almost as fast as it was made here in the United States? However, there was one great accomplishment: it made a bunch of gangsters, bootleggers, and some politicians rich. Because you see, the price of liquor tripled. If guns were outlawed here, the black marketeers would have a heyday. Guns would come in from all over the world. After all, if you can’t stop something as big as people from entering the country illegally, how would you ever stop something as small as a gun?

Full disclosure: I am a licensed concealed carrier. But my prayer is that I will never have to use my gun. I know if I had to take another person’s life, it would stay in my memory forever.

About now you’re saying, “Fuzzy, you’re part of the problem, and it’s all your fault.” You ask, “Why would you want to take a gun with you to the movies?” Have you been watching the news? “Why would you want to take a gun to church?” Have you been watching the news? “Or maybe to school, a restaurant or a shopping center?” You already know the answer. Because it’s all my fault anyway, I’ll take this stand: I will not stand idly by and see those I love shot down or stabbed to death in cold blood. I will, to the best of my ability, do what is necessary to defend them at all costs.

“So Fuzzy, what’s the answer? Or is there an answer?” Yes, there is an answer but it is not a what, but a who. It’s not another gun law, it’s not reducing the Second Amendment to a joke. As I said, the answer is not a what, but a who. The answer is this: there will be no change in the senseless slaughter and killing of innocent people until the hearts of men have changed. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but folks, it will only get worse because there will be no peace on this earth until the Prince of Peace gets here. But look on the bright side. That may be sooner than you think. Meanwhile, if it will make you happy and relieve your heartburn, then you can keep on saying, “Fuzzy, it’s all your fault.”

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