By Declan Daly

Daly is General Manager of Industrial Systems TMEIC Corp. in Roanoke County.

This week, the City of Norfolk and the Port of Virginia have the honor and distinction of hosting the American Association of Port Authorities’ (AAPA) 108th annual convention. An alliance of the ports of Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States, AAPA’s convention locale choice recognizes both Virginia’s innovative leadership in creating economic opportunity here at home and its competitive port of entry – a critically important gateway to global commerce and one with important ties to the Roanoke Valley.

The Port of Virginia is the East Coast’s deepest harbor and sixth largest containerized cargo complex in the United States, positively impacting nearly 10 percent of the state’s resident workforce. Record-setting shipping growth at the Port is resulting in increased employment in and around Norfolk, Roanoke, and throughout the Commonwealth.

TMEIC Corporation – a global company headquartered in Roanoke — is humbled by its role, technology contributions, and work at the Port and with the Virginia Port Authority over the last 30 years, and honored to be a major sponsor of this year’s AAPA convention. TMEIC’s technology and engineering innovations in crane automation control systems and other smart solutions are helping drive continuous improvement in efficiency, safety, and the work environment at the Port of Virginia, mitigating risk and leading to more opportunities to expand the Port’s capacity. By enabling efficiencies that allow for and encourage growth, TMEIC’s technology and our company’s experience across multiple industries drive research aimed at finding new ways to leverage our power electronics and automation systems, benefitting Virginia’s Port, the Commonwealth, and ports worldwide.

With its long-term, strategic growth vision, The Virginia Port Authority is to be commended for helping make the Port of Virginia a critically important gateway to Virginia, the United States, and North America. Similarly, the Commonwealth Government’s commitment to the Port of Virginia also reverberates far beyond Virginia’s boundaries with the United States as a whole receiving quicker, more reliable access to goods, generating new areas of economic growth and competition, and ultimately positioning Virginia as the model for port operations – today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Much like the AAPA’s rich history of unifying ports of the hemisphere, empowering port professionals, and advocating for U.S. ports, TMEIC’s 60-plus years as a driving force in crane controls and automation have helped establish the company’s reputation at ports around the world as one based on an unwavering focus on innovation, reliability, safety, and efficiency, and at the same time as a world leader in the crane industry. With its roots firmly planted in Roanoke, TMEIC has been a longtime, proven partner with the Port of Virginia and an integral part of the Port’s historic expansion, supplying industrial drive and automation solutions.

As a TMEIC employee, I couldn’t be more proud of the impact our company and my coworkers have in Roanoke, of our company’s role in helping welcome and support the AAPA’s annual convention, and of our partners at the Port of Virginia and Virginia’s Port Authority for their commitment to the global shipping industry and to Virginia.

TMEIC welcomes the American Association of Port Authorities members to Virginia. We’re glad you’re here.

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