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Sarah Black (from left), Janie Dowdy, Jeanne Roper, Pulaski Grow Director Lee Spiegel, Debbie Sherman-Lee, Bethann Parker, Terrie Sternberg and Kay Carver take part in the check presentation for Pulaski Grow.

The New River Valley Chapter of the 100+ Women Who Care is pleased to announce it has awarded last quarter’s donation to Pulaski Grow. With more than $11,000 raised by the members and an additional $5,000 provided by The Secular Society’s generous match, Pulaski Grow received a total of more than $16,000 following the October meeting.

Pulaski Grow is a 501©3 committed to ensuring NRV youth are job-ready through a training and aquaponics program. Pulaski Grow operates a farm and produce business that supports a hands-on workforce readiness training program for youth to learn what is involved in raising and selling quality organic produce, while growing a skilled and drug-free workforce. Fresh produce is offered year-round to the community through community-supported agriculture (CSA) memberships. To learn more about Pulaski Grow, please visit their website http://www.pulaskigrow.org/.

Director Lee Spiegel stated that “through the generous act of giving from this amazing organization, our youth training and aquaponics program will continue the mission of helping youth to be job-ready and hopefully productive members of our community. These funds…will [also] fund an alternative energy project in conjunction with a senior design team for Virginia Tech to supply heat and begin construction on the next phase of growing and training infrastructure.

“You will never know what a blessing this grant has truly been,” Spiegel added. “It has allowed us to continue our work for the next year, and I will never be able to thank 100+ WWC enough.”

At each 100+ WWC quarterly meeting, three local not-for-profits are drawn from a bucket. Each organization must have a member sponsor willing to present on its behalf. The group’s membership area includes the counties of Montgomery, Giles, Pulaski, Floyd and the City of Radford.

The 100+ WWC meets quarterly on the third Tuesday of January, April, July and October. Committed members donate $100 every quarter, and each meeting lasts no more than one hour. For more information, visit www.100womenwhocarenrv.com or email nrv100wwc@gmail.com.

Submitted by Bethann Parker

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