State regulators have revoked the license of a Roanoke physician, finding that he improperly prescribed painkillers and other drugs to a patient he was dating.

Although Steven Collins has not been convicted of similar criminal charges, the Virginia Board of Medicine decided this week there was cause to terminate his medical license.

According to an order from the board, Collins began a romantic relationship with a patient in August 2013, taking her to dinner several times and eventually hiring her to work part time as a receptionist at his independent practice on Williamson Road.

For the next six months, the board of medicine found, Collins treated the woman for chronic pain from an automobile accident, prescribing her multiple painkillers such as Percocet as well as anti-anxiety drugs and medications for attention deficit disorder.

Collins, 51, failed to properly examine the patient to determine a medical necessity for the drugs and did not take measures such as ordering urine tests when it should have been apparent that she was abusing the medications, the board stated in the order.

In August, Collins was charged with possession of child pornography after federal agents discovered electronic and printed images during a search of his office, which according to court records was conducted as part of an investigation into his prescribing practices.

Authorities later charged Collins with prescribing oxycodone without a legitimate medical purpose. He is being held in the Western Virginia Regional Jail.

In addition to running his doctor’s office, Collins worked as the medical director of the Roanoke Treatment Center, a methadone clinic in northwest Roanoke. He has since been fired by clinic officials.

This week’s revocation follows an earlier decision by the board of medicine to suspend Collins’ license, based on a determination that he poses a “substantial danger to the public health or safety.”

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Laurence Hammack covers environmental issues, including the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and business and enterprise stories. He has been a reporter for The Roanoke Times for more than three decades.

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