The state is asking parents and other members of the public for feedback about the school performance report cards issued yearly for each public school in the state.

The report cards are a way for parents to evaluate school, district and state performance on a number of metrics, like accreditation, Virginia Standards of Learning test pass rates, teacher licensing and school safety. The report cards, while detailed, are not always easy for readers to understand, the state’s superintendent of public instruction said.

“The current report cards provide a wealth of data, but the static format limits the usefulness of the information and can be confusing,” Steve Staples said in a statement.

The survey asks parents to rank what information is most important to include on the report cards. The legislature has directed the state education department to unveil new report cards by October 2016, and the surveys are an early way to gauge what measures matter most to parents.

The survey has 16 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete. To take the survey, visit and click on the survey link on the homepage.

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