BRISTOL — U.S. Rep. Morgan Griffith couldn’t hide his disdain on Thursday for the “Green New Deal.”

Griffith, R-Salem, said he was surprised that 100 Democrats have signed on as supporting the plan unveiled last month by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., which proposes massive federal stimulus programs to primarily address climate change.

“The biggest concern is the cost and the ramifications of what they say they want to do,” Griffith said in Bristol. “Nobody really believes they want to do this … but it says remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere is one of their goals. If you do that all carbon dioxide is eliminated. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, if you have no carbon dioxide you have no plants and, if you have not plants, we die.”

Griffith, whose Ninth Congressional District includes Virginia’s coalfields, said the bill’s language should say “reduce” greenhouse gases or reduce “hazardous” greenhouse gases.

“I don’t think they [supporters] take the legislation seriously. It’s all about what you can get on the news,” he said.

Griffith said much of the bill “doesn’t make any sense” and predicts it will be defeated.

“With a straight face, they put out a fact sheet that said they want to get rid of airplanes and cows. Might not be able to do it in 10 years, but they want to get rid of airplanes and cows,” he said. “When you start looking at the ‘Green New Deal,’ it’s a classic case of the emperor has no clothes.”

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