LEXINGTON — Anticipating Del. Ben Cline’s victory in the 6th Congressional District race next week, Republicans are already lining up for the opportunity to fill his seat in the General Assembly

The legislative district committee , composed of local party leaders in the 24th House of Delegates District, met Friday night in Lexington to schedule a firehouse primary for Nov. 17.

The district represents the cities of Buena Vista and Lexington as well as Bath and Rockbridge counties and parts of Amherst and Augusta counties.

At least four people have already said they intend to seek the Republican nomination: Ronnie Campbell and Jay Lewis, both Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors members ; Catie Austin-Brown, a small business owner from Rockbridge County and the daughter of Del. Terry Austin, R-Botetourt; and Alan Ferguson of Amherst County.

Campbell and Austin-Brown have launched campaign websites.

If Cline wins on Nov. 6, House Speaker Kirk Cox would call for a special election to happen before the next General Assembly session begins in January.

Democrats are waiting until after Tuesday’s election to set plans for selecting a nominee. Political activists say they expect to field a candidate to oppose the Republican nominee.

Cline, of Rockbridge, is an eight-term member of the House of Delegates. He is facing Democrat Jennifer Lewis to fill the seat of retiring Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Roanoke County. Cline is considered the front-runner in a congressional district that votes reliably Republican.

Republicans interested in seeking the nomination have to file with Vance Wilkins, chairman of the committee, by 5 p.m. on Nov. 10. There will be a filing fee of $500. Wilkins can be contacted at vancewilkins27@gmail.com.

Additional information can be found on the 6th District Republican Committee website at sixthdistrictgop.org.

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