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Piles of recycling wait to be sorted at the RDS recycling facility located on Korte Street in Roanoke. The business handles Christianburg’s recycling.

Curbside recycling is streaming ahead in Christiansburg.

In its first year, the recycling collected by contractor Waste Industries on behalf of the town has doubled from 650 tons recycled to 1,150 tons. The move also reduced the amount of solid waste collected by 300 tons.

“We’re very pleased with the first year of curbside recycling,” town spokeswoman Melissa Demmitt wrote in an email. “We’re happy to see an increase in recycling and a decrease in solid waste, which is really what it’s all about.”

Previously, recycling was only collected at five pickup points. Those sites are still open, though about half as much recycling was collected at those points in the past year, according to Demmitt.

Town officials had thought of closing one site by Christiansburg High School, but ultimately decided to keep it open after a student group asked to keep it.

“We’ll continue to monitor the five recycling collection sites,” Demmitt wrote. “We know residents continue to use them, particularly when recycling large items like cardboard, which tend to take up much of the space in curbside carts.”

Contractors collect recyclable items from 6,872 homes while the town collects from the five recycling sites. The items are then taken to the Montgomery Regional Solid Waste Authority and then sent to RDS Recycling in Roanoke for further processing.

The town added a $5 monthly increase to customers’ water and sewer bills to pay for the curbside program.

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