New Radford logo

The city of Radford will have a new municipal logo.

The city of Radford is ready to roll out a symbol of its new rebranding effort more than a year after the process began.

The new logo will be visible, first on welcoming signs as drivers enter the city and eventually on government vehicles and buildings such as the recreation center and library, according to Mayor David Horton.

The mayor said the insignia, which depicts Ingles Mountain and waves of the New River above “Radford” in horizontal font with “VA” positioned vertically, is more than just a logo.

“We wanted something that tells the story of Radford … something that can be customizable and can be used all over the city and for a variety of different events,” he said.

City spokeswoman Jenni Wilder said the logo will help Radford stand out.

“The purpose behind the logo is to create a brand for Radford that people who live, work, and visit here would be excited to own, share and promote along with us,” she wrote in an email.

Horton said the town has been using the same logos for well over a decade, so it was time for an update and an opportunity to have a unifying logo instead of multiple ones for different city departments.

He said multiple designs were considered in the nearly 18-month process, before deciding on the ultimate logo, which was created by Michelle Stoddard, who lives in Radford.

Wilder said Stoddard was chosen because of her work with the chamber of commerce and the “clean and simplistic nature of her designs.”

She said the cost of finding a new logo was $2,800.

Horton said the total cost for the ongoing rebranding process has not yet been determined.

Wilder wrote that the project was headed by herself and members of council as well as other city employees who worked together “to figure out their ideas on what characteristics define the city of Radford, as well as what direction the City is headed.”

She explained that the process took longer than initially anticipated due to staff turnover and the committee’s desire to get it right as opposed to rushing the project.

“We wanted to make sure that even if the process took longer the design created a brand identity Radford would be happy with for years to come,” she wrote.

The logo is versatile, and brand recognition is important for areas like economic development as well, Horton said, adding that he’s thrilled with the design.

“I love the finished product. It gives Radford a chance to tell its story in a variety of ways,” he said.

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