Midtown rendering

A rendering of the Midtown redevelopment was submitted recently, involving the town’s former middle school site (Main Street is on the left).

BLACKSBURG — The redevelopers of the old town middle school site have submitted the architectural plans and renderings for a portion of the more than $100 million downtown project.

The documents provide detailed layouts of three commercial parcels on the front half of the roughly 20-acre site.

The layouts include floor plans for the multistory buildings that will occupy each of those three parcels. The documents also provide specifics on the kind of masonry and structural materials to be used for each building.

The architectural plans come several months after town council’s approval of a rezoning for a project that will feature a mixture of commercial, civic and dense residential developments.

Town council has a development agreement with the site’s redeveloper, Midtown Redevelopment Partners.

The development agreement determines which parts of the old middle school site the town would redevelop and own. The agreement covers the town’s plans to build a parking garage and new police station on the front part of the site, as well as Midtown’s construction of an event space, plaza and park that will each be given to the town.

While town council doesn’t have to issue a formal vote on the recent layouts, they will have to ensure that the plans meet agreed upon criteria, Blacksburg Town Attorney Larry Spencer said.

Town council’s review of the plans will require them to provide comments to Town Manager Marc Verniel, who will then relay the feedback to Midtown, Spencer said.

Council is set to discuss the old middle school site plans on Feb. 18. The town Planning Commission is scheduled to go over the plans later that same day.

Council is slated to have another discussion about the plans on March 3.

“I think … that would be the day in which any comments could be communicated back,” Spencer said.

The plans provide layouts and measurements for a commercial structure facing South Main Street, another nearby structure facing Eheart Street and a mixed-use and roughly L-shaped building located near the center of the property.

The building facing South Main will measure a total of five stories, with most of the space slated for office use. The first floor appears to provide three separate spaces for retail or other commercial tenants. All of the building’s office and commercial space measures roughly 95,000 square feet.

The building facing Eheart is four stories and looks set to house much of the same functions as the building facing South Main.

Plans show that the third building near the middle of the site will technically comprise five levels, but the first floor is space for covered parking spaces. The remainder of the building looks to mostly provide space for apartment-style units and some commercial tenants.

The renderings also show different views of each building from various points on the old middle school site.

While she hasn’t had a chance yet to thoroughly comb through the plans, Mayor Leslie Hager-Smith said she hasn’t spotted anything objectionable based on a quick glance of the documents.

“They’re not showing us anything bizarre or questionable,” she said. “There will be comments from council, but this was baked into our original agreement.”

The only issue Hager-Smith said she sees is the conceptual layout for the plaza, which appears to have an incline. She, however, said it’s her understanding that the rendering of the plaza is not final.

“I think it’s trying to capture the idea that there’s actually an elevation there, a grade there,” she said.

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