After a gym roof collapse in 2010 that started a well-publicized chain of events including the building of a new school, the old Blacksburg High School was being demolished Friday.

Ownership of the site, after years of debate between the town and Montgomery County, is now set to be divided between a private company and the town.

The town would own the front and back sections, with a focus on recreational use, and the private company — which includes Shelor Motor Mile executive David Hagan and local developer Jeanne Stosser — would own the middle section. The private company plans to build townhomes on its share of the land.

The town agreed this year to pay the private firm — HS Development — $3.3 million to buy some of the property. Of that amount, more than $1 million will go toward the demolition of the high school building and the construction of infrastructure such as utilities.

The town negotiated the deal with the private company after it decided not to buy the land from Montgomery County.

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