Dayspring Christian Academy in Blacksburg held a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019 on May 25 at Belmont Christian Church. The senior class consisted of 15 graduates, 10 of whom graduated with an Advanced Studies diploma, and 10 of whom graduated with honors.

Administrator Dug Hampton welcomed everyone, and DCA Board President Mike Johnson opened the ceremony in prayer. Guests enjoyed a “Babe to Grad” video presentation featuring pictures of all the graduates.

Several students shared messages with those present. SCA Chaplain Seth Thompson spoke about the impact that Dayspring had made in his life and paid tribute to teacher Aaron Craig, who passed away suddenly last December. Next, Salutatorian Kayleigh Johnson spoke on the sense of community and fellowship she has felt during her years attending Dayspring. Finally, Valedictorian Kathryn Abel ended the speeches with a charge to her class and the entire Dayspring family that a small group could make a great impact on the world.

Dr. Damon Thompson, parent to graduate Seth Thompson, gave some parting words to the seniors and closed the ceremony with prayer.

Dayspring Christian Academy, which started as a preschool in 1980, has been an independent K-12 school since 1998. Learn more at

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Submitted by Sheri Weaver

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