Voters in the Democratic primary for clerk of court in Roanoke had to cast provisional ballots during a roughly two-hour period Tuesday morning because of technical issues.

Voter Registrar Andrew Cochran said issues with laptop computers used at voting sites prevented poll workers from checking in voters. The problem was discovered just before 6 a.m. Cochran said he worked with the software developer to correct the problem and a fix was deployed to all voter precincts by about 9:30 a.m.

While the computers were not working, voters were invited to cast provisional ballots and informed that their votes would be reviewed by the city’s electoral board on Wednesday, Cochran said. Provisional ballots cast by registered voters who are in active status will be counted, he said.

Voters are choosing between incumbent Brenda Hamilton and Terri Price, a senior probation and parole officer.

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Matt Chittum covers Roanoke City. A Roanoke native, he’s been at the Roanoke Times for more than two decades, having overcome an inauspicious start with a part-time clerical job.

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