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Michael Amos

A 37-year-old New River Valley Regional Jail inmate died last week of an apparent suicide, according to jail interim Superintendent Charlie Poff.

Michael Amos, of Henry County, was found hanging by a bed sheet inside his cell around 11:29 a.m. on May 18, according to Poff. No other inmates were in his cell.

The man arrived at the jail four days prior after he was arrested in Carroll County and charged with possession of a controlled substance, DUI drugs and reckless driving, according to online court records. He was granted $1,000 bond that same day.

Poff said Amos was arrested following a vehicle crash and he was being held in medical segregation as he was treated for minor injuries.

Poff added that he has turned details about the death over to Virginia State Police for an independent investigation, but all the early signs indicate it was a suicide.

He said jail surveillance video shows the officer on duty did his rounds at the proper times, checking on inmates twice each hour. Poff also said there were no indications Amos had intentions of hurting himself.

It is the third inmate death at the jail over the past two years. Sean Herndon’s death was ruled a suicide in January 2015 and Robert Vazquez died of natural causes in October, according to outgoing superintendent Gerald McPeak.

Those were investigated by state police, McPeak said.

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Jacob Demmitt covers business and technology out of the New River Valley bureau.

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