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Several county government offices will be moved from Fincastle to the Greenfield Education and Training Center in Daleville over the coming year.

FINCASTLE — Botetourt County continues to move forward with plans to relocate some of its government offices from Fincastle to Daleville.

The county’s planning commission voted Monday to grant a special exception permit and rezone the Greenfield Education and Training Center for the office relocation.

County employees are scattered throughout 16 buildings in Fincastle, including the circuit courthouse. The courthouse has not been significantly renovated in almost 50 years after it was destroyed by a fire in 1970. A 2018 professional engineering assessment of the courthouse found that all of the building’s mechanical systems needed to be replaced and do not properly condition air or control humidity.

The courthouse also has limited handicapped accessibility and inadequate security. Water leaks through the building’s foundation and roofs. The county’s budget for this fiscal year has allocated $500,000 to courthouse renovations, which will be a multi-year project.

Locating in the Greenfield Education and Training Center will avoid the need to purchase or construct office space, according to the county. The center is owned by the county’s economic development authority, which leased much of the space to Virginia Western Community College. The college has vacated most of the building and its lease will conclude in May 2020, when the county will negotiate a new lease with the college to occupy just part of the building.

The planning commission unanimously approved Monday to rezone the property from an industrial use district to a research and advanced manufacturing district. The commission also granted a special exception permit to allow government functions in the building.

About 50 employees will relocate to the center, including the county treasurer, commissioner of the revenue, county administration and community development.

About 180 employees will remain in Fincastle, including the courts, sheriff’s offices, commonwealth’s attorney, voter registration, clerk of the court and Fire-EMS. Fincastle will also remain the county seat.

The board of supervisors will hold a public hearing on the rezoning and special exception permit on July 23 before voting on the requests.

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Alison Graham covers Botetourt and Rockbridge counties and Lexington. She’s originally from Indianapolis and a graduate of Indiana University.

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