1994 (25 years ago)

  • “Cybermotion Inc., Salem manufacturer of mobile robots for security and nuclear monitoring, said it has received a $456,488 contract from the U.S. Army’s physical security equipment office. It is the third of three government-related contracts, worth more than $1 million, that the company has received this year.”
  • “Traffic was slowed on the Roy L. Webber Highway for several hours Thursday morning as workers cleared bales of tobacco strewn on the roadway from a tractor-trailer accident. The vehicle overturned about 11:22 p.m. Wednesday near the Colonial Avenue exit.”
  • “Roanoke Express backup goaltender Dan Ryder was called up on Thursday by the Kansas City Blades of the International Hockey League, but his absence may be short. Ryder, 3-2 in six games with the Express this season, replaces Blades’ goaltender Larry Dyck, who has a broken toe. Ryder is expected to return to Roanoke when Dyck recovers in one to two weeks, Express coach Frank Anzalone said.”

1969 (50 years ago)

  • “Roanoke City officials were studying Monday night the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals decision announced earlier in the day upholding Richmond’s ‘occupational tax.’ The tax bears some resemblance to an occupational tax proposed by the Roanoke Tax Study Commission in 1965 which was considered briefly, then dropped as a possible source of additional tax revenue.”
  • “Piedmont Airlines hauled 22 passengers from Roanoke on the opening day of its Chicago flight Monday and 21 rode on the return flight from Midway Field to Woodrum Airport.”
  • “You wouldn’t believe it by looking at the boxscore, but VMI won a basketball from Atlantic Christian College here Monday night on free throws. The Keydets hit only 55.5 per cent from the foul line for the evening, but they cashed their last eight in a row to stave off the Bulldogs 82-76.”

1919 (100 years ago)

  • “Automobile owners and drivers are asked today by Acting Chief of Police Rigney, to cooperate with his department in relieving congestion on the principal downtown streets by parking their cars as closely as possible to the sidewalks. Many cars are now driven to the curb with the front wheel against the curb, but with the inside rear wheel a foot or two from the sidewalk line. This makes it just as difficult for those passing as if the entire car was that far from the curb, says the chief.”
  • “Early morning trains brought a strong vanguard of what is expected to be a veritable host of fruit and corn growers who will be on hand for the opening session of the Virginia Horticultural Society at the auditorium of Hotel Roanoke at eight o’clock tonight, and for the opening exhibit of Virginia apples and Virginia corn at the auditorium tomorrow morning.”
  • “The Salvation Army here last night issued the following appeal to the citizens of Roanoke: ‘With the coming of cold weather, the calls for clothing, shoes etc., made by the poor upon the Salvation Army have been incessant and believing that many have second-hand garments that could be used and really appreciated by the less fortunate, we, therefore, ask that any who wish to co-operate will do us a favor by notifying us by either telephone or post card and we will gladly call for same at your convenience.’”

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