1994 (25 years ago)

  • “A Botetourt County landowner is planning a commercial and residential project that could be worth more than $200 million once developed. Jim Hancock said Thursday he will present plans for Timber Brook to the Botetourt County Planning Commission within two months.”
  • “Power line opponents plan to pressure local governments across the New River Valley to urge the U.S. Forest Service to hold more public meetings on alternative routes for a high-voltage, West Virginia to Cloverdale link. Forty people gathered Thursday night near Blacksburg to discuss strategies for convincing Jefferson National Forest officials that New River Valley communities should be given the same chance to comment on the routes as residents of Craig, Botetourt and Roanoke counties had two years ago on the original path.”
  • “The Roanoke Express has opened negotiations with the San Jose Sharks to renew its NHL affiliation for the 1994-95 East Coast Hockey League season. The Express’ general manager, Pierre Paiement, and coach, Frank Anzalone, met with Sharks officials at last week’s NHL draft in Hartford, Conn.”

1969 (50 years ago)

  • “Roanoke City Council proposed Monday that the governing body of a consolidated city be composed of eight councilmen elected by wards and a mayor chosen at large. Council also proposed that the seat of government be located in Roanoke.”
  • “Viking Lanes, Inc., has been awarded a total of $8,515 for land taken by the City of Roanoke for widening Franklin Road, Condemnation commissioners in Law and Chancery Court ruled land required for widening was worth $5,245, and gave the owners another $3,270 for damages to the balance of the property.”
  • “Lou Quinn had just hit a grand-slam home run to give Salem an 8-4 Carolina League victory over Kinston at Municipal Field Monday night. And John Lamb, even though he wasn’t his usual overpowering self, had just recorded his ninth pitching victory in an unusually long relief stint for him (4 1-3 innings).”

1919 (100 years ago)

  • “ ‘Help yourself and pay the cashier as you come out,’ is the system used in four big ‘Piggly-Wiggly’ grocery stores soon to be opened in Roanoke by Jacobs Brothers, four hustling business men who come originally from Omaha, Neb. The four stores here are to be a part of 800 being opened throughout the cities of the country, most of those now up being located in the Middle West and South.”
  • “With the granting of a contract to John F. Barbour and Sons, approximately $65,000, Roanoke Lodge 147 Knights of Pythias, last night, put on foot plans for one of the best lodge buildings in the city, erection of which will begin immediately. According to the plans made known, the structure will be modern in every particular, and in addition to the building being in use as a real Pythian home, it will be for commercial purposes also.”
  • “The second annual convention of the International Editorial Association, which was formed in Chicago in May of this year, will be held in Roanoke the third week of July, 1920, the date to be announced later.

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