BEDFORD — Bob Davis said the saying “measure twice, cut once” should be applied to any decision made by elected officials concerning the future of Bedford County.

“I’m a practical guy,” Davis said. “A practical approach is all we need in Bedford County to continue growing and being prosperous. We just have to be thoughtful in every decision we make.”

Davis has filed to run for the District 6 seat on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors and will face incumbent District 6 Supervisor Andy Dooley during the elections in November.

“I love Bedford County,” Davis said. “I want to see Bedford County be prosperous and I want to look back and say I’m glad I did what I could for the future of Bedford County.”

A resident of Thaxton, Davis has lived in Bedford County since 1969 and has owned and operated Aqua Pros Pools and Spa Inc. since 1984. Davis said his experience running a successful business would be useful on the board of supervisors.

“When you operate a business you have to plan for the future and sometimes the unexpected,” Davis said. “Making decisions with the future in mind has enabled me to stay in business for more than 30 years.

“I’m a practical guy,” Davis said. “I know you can’t spend more than you take in and that is true in business and government.”

Davis said economic development — especially supporting small businesses in Bedford County — will be one of his top priorities if elected in November.

“I’ve always been a supporter of free enterprise and we need to look out for our small business owners,” Davis said. “When I started my business in 1984 I didn’t have much but one thing I did have was zero debt. Things have changed since then and it is a lot harder to start and grow a business. I want people to have the same opportunities I had. We need to make starting a business in Bedford County affordable.”

Davis said the board of supervisors also must plan for future growth in Bedford County when setting the county’s budget each year.

“We need to keep taxes in line with the growing demand for services,” Davis said. “However, we also want to keep the cost of living affordable for our citizens. One of the things that attracts people to Bedford County is the affordable cost of living and we need to keep it that way for our children.”

“I don’t have any grand desire to make any huge changes,” Davis said. “I just want to help enhance the quality of life and preserve the future of Bedford County.”

Bedford County Registrar Barbara Gunter said District 5 Supervisor Tommy Scott and District 7 Supervisor Kevin Willis have filed for reelection with the Office of the Registrar in Bedford County. Former District 7 Supervisor Tammy Parker is running to regain the seat she lost to Willis in 2015 and Bedford County Economic Development Authority Chairman Mickey Johnson has filed to replace District 1 Supervisor Bill Thomasson, who announced in January he would not seek reelection in November.

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