Keeping our valley clean, green and beautiful… that’s the goal of the new campaign initiated by Cave Spring Supervisor Charlotte Moore to combat littering in Roanoke County. Cigarette butts at local intersections and discarded trash seen along many roads in the county continue to be a problem, but now there may be a solution.

Beginning this month, many drivers will see temporary road signs at major County intersections reminding them that “The World is Not Your Ashtray.” According to Roanoke County Assistant County Administrator Richard Caywood, the new program will feature a local partnership with Lamar Advertising. “The advertising firm has generously donated billboard space to us,” he said. The partnership will also include signs on County vehicles, including the County’s fleet of trash collection trucks.

From a press release sent to us from Roanoke County, “Supervisor Moore’s campaign against discarded cigarette butts is a great starting point for this program,” Assistant County Administrator Richard Caywood said. “It’s a visible problem that thousands of County motorists see every day. Our hope is that by raising awareness of this first issue, we can open everyone’s eyes to the larger problem of litter in the County. We plan on bringing additional ideas to the Board of Supervisors in the future.”

To support the launch of the new anti-littering campaign, Cave Spring Supervisor Moore and Virginia Senator Ralph Smith spoke to local media at the Roanoke County Administration Center on Friday, January 4. Moore and Smith spoke about the new efforts, and highlighted the importance of working together to keep our community beautiful.

Roanoke County has also launched an online form citizens can use to report littering. This convenient web form will send littering complaints directly to Roanoke County Police for follow-up. Website visitors are encouraged to look for the Report Littering button on the County’s home page or see

Excerpts from this article were taken from the press release submitted by Gray Craig

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