A record number of students earned bachelor’s degrees in Virginia last year, state data show.

The state’s colleges awarded a total of 56,484 bachelor’s degrees in 2018-19, the most in state history, according to a report released Friday by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Colleges also awarded 31,094 graduate degrees, 19,228 associate degrees and 15,362 certificates. Of the 122,168 total degrees and certificates, more than 70% of them (86,325) were given to in-state students.

Roughly half of the degrees were awarded to students at public four-year colleges.

The three most popular bachelor’s degree majors were business administration and management; psychology; and biology/biological sciences.

The popularity of computer and information sciences degrees rose from the 12th most popular in 2017-18 to eighth in 2018-19. It was ranked 23rd in 2008-09.

The number of students enrolled this year at the state’s public four-year colleges rose to 223,438 from 220,255 in 2018-19.

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— From staff reports

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