Crowding at Glen Cove Elementary prompted the Roanoke County School Board on Thursday to move some students to Masons Cove Elementary.

The board voted 5-0 to rezone part of a Glen Cove Elementary attendance zone west of Interstate 81 beginning next school year. Loch Haven Drive and its street extensions are excluded from the move.

Glen Cove Elementary, with about 450 students, is at 96% capacity. Masons Cove Elementary is only 63% full with 178 students.

Nineteen families with students currently have students at Glen Cove in the designated zone, according to Director of Administration Rhonda Stegall. The move affects about 24 students, Stegall said.

All rising students from the designated zone in kindergarten through fifth grade would transfer to Masons Cove, then feed into Glenvar Middle and Glenvar High. Rising sixth graders would attend Glenvar Middle.

Rising seventh- through 12th-graders already attending Northside Middle or Northside High can remain at their schools through graduation. Roanoke County would provide transportation to that student group for the next six years.

Another exception applies to families who have children already attending Northside Middle or Northside High and another child enrolled at Glen Cove. Those elementary schoolers could stay at Glen Cove, with transportation provided.

The school division sent a letter to all households in the affected zone seeking comments on the proposal, Stegall said. A community meeting and school tour was held at Masons Cove Elementary on April 9. Tours of Glenvar Middle and Glenvar High were held later that month.

All 19 affected families completed a survey related to the proposal, Stegall said. Fourteen said they would support relocating their Glen Cove Elementary student to Masons Cove next school year. Three said they were opposed, and two said they’d only be in favor of their child relocating for middle school or high school.

School Board Chairman Don Butzer, who represents the Catawba District, said at a meeting earlier this month he’s not surprised families would prefer their child attend Masons Cove because it’s less crowded, and was recently rebuilt.

In other business Thursday, the board agreed to reallocate $170,000 in next school year’s capital maintenance plan.

Facilities and Operations Director Mark Kitta asked the board to transfer $150,000 in funds for HVAC replacement at the Burton Center for Arts and Technology to cover the cost of replacing William Byrd Middle School’s gym floor.

Kitta said the floor has uneven spots that could be hazardous. Crews repaired the floor on multiple occasions in the past year, Kitta said.

The other $20,000 will go toward water line replacement at Green Valley Elementary School. A line has failed three times in the past two months, although school operations were not impaired, Kitta said.

The recommendation to repurpose the funds was originally only an informational item on the agenda. But officials agreed to act on the proposal after a request by Vice Chairman Tim Greenway at the beginning of the meeting.

The board voted 5-0 to approve the changes to the capital maintenance plan.

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