The District F Montgomery County School Board seat vacated by Connie Froggatt on Election Night will remain empty until January, according to the school district.

Citing unspecified health concerns, Froggatt resigned from the board Tuesday at its regular meeting, as election officials counted votes to fill a number of county seats, including hers.

Earlier this year, Froggatt announced that she would not stand for reelection and endorsed candidate Sofia Midkiff to replace her. Midkiff, a self-employed business consultant from Blacksburg, lost the seat to challenger Sue Kass, a former Blacksburg Middle School teacher. Kass gained support from a number of current and former county teachers.

Kass will take office on Jan. 1.

Froggatt’s resignation created a vacancy on the board less than two months before the end of her term and prompted questions about what officials would do. Under the law, the board could appoint a registered District F voter to serve the remainder of Froggatt’s term.

But Brenda Drake, schools spokeswoman, wrote in an email Wednesday that the board has decided to leave the seat vacant until Kass is sworn in next year.

Typically, the board meets twice a month, but according to Drake, it will meet only once more this year, on Dec. 3.

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