Charles Jamison has announced he will not seek reelection to the Franklin County School Board.

Jamison, who represents the Blackwater District and currently serves as vice chairman, had previously indicated he would seek a second term on the board. But Jamison said Monday that poor health had caused him to reconsider.

“I cannot give to the job what I need to give to the job,” he said.

Jamison said he regrets having to step aside from a position he has enjoyed, but felt he ought to give someone else the opportunity to serve.

Jamison, 63, was first elected to the school board in 2015. His term is up in December.

The retired Franklin County High School teacher said he’s glad to have the chance to serve students in this capacity, which was a window into the administrative side of education.

“It’s opened my eyes on what it takes to run a school system,” he said.

Though efforts to expand and renovate the high school’s career and technical education are at a standstill, Jamison said he’s proud of what the board has accomplished on that project over the last few years, holding meetings with community stakeholders and completing studies.

Expanded career and technical offerings are “desperately needed,” Jamison said, particularly if Franklin County is to boost its economy and build out its business park.

During the remainder of his term, Jamison said he plans to continue advocating for that project, and also to work toward bringing a covered entrance and walkway to Callaway Elementary School.

“When my term’s over if we haven’t been able to come to a decision, then I’ll be pushing from the outside if I have to,” Jamison said, in regard to both initiatives.

As of Monday, no candidates had filed their paperwork to represent the Blackwater District on the school board, according to the registrar’s office. The filing deadline is June 11.

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Casey Fabris covers business for The Roanoke Times, where she has been a reporter since 2015. Previously, Casey covered Franklin County.

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