Roanoke police have arrested one of two suspects in a northwest restaurant shooting last month.

Lamar Antoine Barnett, 34, of Roanoke was booked into jail Tuesday.

Police are still looking for Anthony Barnett, 32, a relative, spokeswoman Caitlyn Cline said Wednesday.

Both are charged with malicious wounding by mob and conspiracy to commit malicious wounding in a May 29 shooting in the parking lot outside Bob & Cheryl’s restaurant on Shenandoah Avenue.

Floyd Mitchell Harris, 39, is also charged in the shootout that police say broke out between the three and Miguel “Shane” Harper over a parking dispute.

Police ask anyone with information about Anthony Barnett’s location to contact them at 344-8500 or via text, beginning with the phrase “RoanokePD” at 274637.

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Henri Gendreau covers crime in Roanoke and the surrounding area.

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