Citing ongoing tension and safety concerns, a judge on Monday turned down a Roanoke defendant’s second request for bond.

Darreonta Lamar Reynolds, 25, is accused of shooting and killing a man last winter at the Triangle Mart on Cove Road.

Charged with murder and felony use of a firearm, Reynolds is now expected to stay in custody in the lead-up to his two-day murder trial, slated for Sept. 25.

At a previous bond hearing in March, Judge Chris Clemens denied Reynolds’ first bond motion but said he would be willing to revisit the matter. After hearing additional arguments this week, he said he did not feel circumstances had changed enough to merit release.

“I’m not just worried about the public’s safety, I’m worried about your safety, too,” the judge told Reynolds on Monday, and referenced others present in court — Reynolds’ family, as well as friends and relatives of the victim.

“I can tell by looking at the crowd now, aggressions are still high,” Clemens said.

Reynolds is accused of fatally shooting Jean De Dieu Nkurunziza, 26, an off-duty cashier at the store who died Feb. 24 from a gunshot wound to the chest.

The centerpiece of that first bond hearing was a store security video shown by prosecutors. The footage depicts a clash between Reynolds and Nkurunziza, but the lawyers in the case have differing interpretations of it.

Roanoke assistant prosecutor Jack Patterson on Monday maintained that Reynolds “showed up looking for a conflict” and said he committed “a brutal act of aggression in public.”

Paul Beers, who joined the defense in May, argued that Nkurunziza was armed when he was shot: “The decedent came rolling out of that Cove Road market with a firearm in hand.”

Beers claimed it was a case of self-defense, but Clemens said that would be a matter for a jury to decide.

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