A jury trial in a rape case in Roanoke County came to an end this week when a plea agreement was reached.

Zugimantas Ramska, 24, of Lithuania was sentenced to time served after spending almost 18 months in custody awaiting trial, according to court records.

Ramska had been in the country legally, said defense attorney Rob Dean, but his visa has since expired and he’ll be deported.

The charge against him dates back to January 2018. In a search warrant application at the time, authorities wrote that the victim reported she went to a hotel to have a consensual sexual encounter with someone, then passed out afterward and awoke to discover a second man having sex with her.

Ramska maintained his innocence, Dean said, and the defense argued at trial that another suspect should be considered.

The jury deliberated for hours and at one point described itself as hopelessly deadlocked, according to notes included in the case records.

The deliberations, which started Tuesday, were continuing Wednesday morning when the prosecution and defense announced that a plea agreement had been reached.

Under the written agreement, Ramska pleaded no contest to the charge of rape and was sentenced to 20 years, suspended after time served.

Dean said Ramska accepted the opportunity to resolve the case and return home rather than face the prospect of a hung jury and a second trial.

“He maintains his innocence in the strongest possible terms and is grateful to put this matter behind him,” Dean said.

The prosecutor’s office didn’t immediately return a call about the case.

Ramska will be required to comply with the state’s sex offender registration requirements and must not have any further contact with the victim.

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Alicia Petska covers what's happening in Roanoke County and the City of Salem.

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