A Troutville man has been convicted of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and putting methamphetamine into a pitcher of tea, a beverage she later drank.

On Tuesday in Roanoke Circuit Court, Elvis Jarrett Mullins pleaded no contest to breaking and entering and to adulterating food or drink, from an incident last winter.

Mullins, 41, will be sentenced early next year, and prosecutors have agreed not to seek a term of more than 3 1/2 years, which is the midpoint of the guidelines in his case. A related charge of petty larceny was also dropped as a result of his plea.

In a summary of the prosecution’s evidence, Roanoke Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Alice Ekirch said the victim and Mullins have a child together, but were not in a relationship when the incident occurred in January.

Ekirch said that around that time, the woman began suspecting someone had been coming into her home while she was at work, so she set up a security system with a camera.

On Jan. 3, she got an electronic warning of an intruder while she was out. Although the person took the camera, Ekirch said video existed that showed a man who appeared to be Mullins, and he was arrested later that day.

Soon after, the woman drank some iced tea out of her refrigerator and began to feel unusual.

“She felt drugged,” Ekirch said. Hospital tests later showed a positive screen for amphetamines, but she was not otherwise injured.

A forensic examination of the tea pitcher showed traces of methamphetamine, according to court records.

“These were folks that had a very difficult relationship,” defense attorney Rob Dean said in court. “They were in the midst of a very bad breakup.”

Dean said he intended to wait until the sentencing to present evidence on behalf of his client.

Since the incident occurred, Ekirch said, Mullins and his girlfriend have reconciled.

Mullins is currently being held without bond on a criminal charge in Botetourt County, but additional information about the circumstances of that case was not immediately available Tuesday.

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