The fatal May 31 shooting of a southwest Roanoke teenager was prompted by a drug deal gone sour, a transaction centered around roughly $300 worth of marijuana, two witnesses said Thursday.

That testimony came out at a preliminary hearing for Demarcus S. Glenn, 20, who is accused of shooting and killing 16-year-old Tyler Douglas Polumbo. The hearing was held in Roanoke Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court because of the age of the victim.

After the testimony, Judge Frank Rogers said he found probable cause to certify a second-degree murder charge against Glenn, so evidence in the case will now go before a grand jury, possibly as soon as next month.

Two teenage prosecution witnesses, both acquaintances of Polumbo’s, described events they said led up to the shooting.

DeCarlos Legg, 18, told the judge he was a mutual friend of both Polumbo’s and Glenn’s, and he said that earlier on May 31, when Polumbo told him he wanted to buy marijuana, he put the two in touch.

A temporary roommate of Polumbo’s, Dylan Keith, also 18, testified he was present that night when a man came to Polumbo’s house in the 2100 block of Denniston Avenue, ostensibly to sell Polumbo 2 ounces of marijuana. Keith said he legally owns a 9mm hangun and said that weapon was hidden behind a flower pot on the front porch, where the deal was to take place.

Keith said that after a few minutes of discussion, as they were about to go inside, the man put his arm around Polumbo and drew his own pistol, then fired, fatally shooting Polumbo.

Under cross-examination, Keith denied suggestions that they had tried to take the drugs without paying, and said neither of them had made a move for the 9mm before the attack. While he did not know Glenn, Keith testified he was “pretty certain” the defendant was that gunman.

During Keith’s testimony, questioning also revealed that the 9mm was found underneath Polumbo, but he said he did not know how it got there.

A week and a half after the shooting, Glenn was arrested at a home in the 800 block of Pinewood Drive Northwest.

He is being held at the jail without bond.

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