The last defendant in a 2018 robbery gone wrong that left one woman dead entered into a plea agreement Thursday in Roanoke County Circuit Court.

Malike Daequan Brown of Roanoke was 17 last year when he was enlisted by his mother and others to assist in robbing an acquaintance of money and drugs, according to authorities.

During the May robbery, another participant, Aaron Rashad Witcher, who was 27, had a gun and got into a struggle with the victim, said assistant prosecutor Nate Griffith.

The gun went off accidentally and fatally shot Amber C. Ross of Franklin County. Ross had helped orchestrate the robbery, Griffith said.

Brown, who is now 18, appeared in court Thursday and pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and felony homicide.

In keeping with a plea agreement, the court will consider juvenile sentencing options for him. His final sentence will be determined in January after a report on his background and social history has been compiled for Judge Charles Dorsey’s review.

Witcher pleaded no contest earlier this year to second-degree murder and other charges for his role in the deadly turn of events.

He was sentenced to 16 years in prison. He also saw a separate, suspended sentence revoked on an unrelated case in Roanoke for which he had been on probation. Witcher will serve an additional 5½ years in that matter.

Brown’s mother, Shamby Marie Walker, 39, of Roanoke, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of robbery over the summer and is awaiting sentencing, according to court records.

A fourth person, who authorities said was the driver in the robbery scheme, entered a plea agreement last week.

Andrew Arthur Jeffers, 48, of Roanoke pleaded guilty to robbery and was handed an active sentence of six years in prison with another nine years suspended, according to court records.

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