A fake $100 bill used in a Salem drug deal last fall sparked a chaotic dispute that has ended with felony convictions for three people.

At a hearing May 30, Salem Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Matthew Pollard said the incident was reported Sept. 26.

Pollard said a Salem man told police that one day earlier, he bought marijuana from two women, meeting them at the Sheetz gas station on East Main Street around 8:30 p.m. and paying them $100 for a half-ounce of pot.

Some time later, the bill that was used was reportedly discovered to be fake, so the two women and two men went after the buyer “to get the weed back,” Pollard said.

Around midnight, he said, the quartet came upon the man in his car near his home, about a block from South Salem Elementary School. They pulled in front of him, blocking his vehicle, then took his car keys. The two men then walked the driver at gunpoint back to his house, where they stole more than $1,000 worth of items from him, according to Pollard.

He said text messages sent by the defendants boasted details about the robbery and said the defendants claimed to have netted 10 times the amount they were owed.

Soon after the victim’s report was filed, arrests followed.

In March, 23-year-old Jordan Michael Hickman of Roanoke pleaded guilty to robbery and armed burglary and received a 15-year prison term, suspended after he serves four years. Additional charges, including abduction, statutory burglary and use of a firearm, were dropped through his plea agreement.

More recently, Kayla Nicole Lintner and Cassie Renae Reed, both 19 and from Salem, appeared in court on charges — Lintner on May 30, and Reed on Thursday morning.

Lintner and Reed initially had been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle, conspiracy to commit burglary, abduction, robbery of a residence with a gun and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Both had their robbery charge reduced to a lesser felony count of larceny, to which they pleaded no contest, and both saw all the other charges dropped.

The two women received nearly identical resolutions: five-year prison terms, which will be suspended after the time they’ve served by late August, which will put their jail time at about 10 months. They will be on supervised probation for three years after their release and are jointly responsible for $1,093 in restitution to the victim.

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Neil Harvey covers state courts in Franklin County and the cities of Roanoke and Salem. Follow him on Twitter @newsharvey

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