More information has emerged about the recent lunchtime shoot-out that left three men injured outside a Roanoke restaurant.

The additional backstory came at a Thursday bond hearing for one of three men facing criminal charges from the abruptly violent May 29 melee in the parking lot of Bob & Cheryl’s on Shenandoah Avenue.

Floyd Mitchell Harris, 39, is charged with malicious wounding by mob and conspiracy to commit malicious wounding. He was granted release on $15,000 bond but must stay with his aunt and have no contact with anyone involved in the incident.

A dozen members of Harris’ family came to the hearing to support him.

Two of Harris’ other relatives — Anthony Barnett, 32, and Lamar Barnett, 34 — face the same charges but have not yet been taken into custody.

Security videos from two businesses on opposite sides of Bob & Cheryl’s captured the incident from a distance. They were played for the judge, and narratives were summarized, separately, by defense attorney David Damico and assistant prosecutor John McNeil.

At 12:55 p.m. that day, both said, a box truck was coming into the parking lot just as Anthony Barnett’s Infiniti was headed out. The two vehicles passed close to each other but did not make contact.

One video shows the Infiniti quickly circling back and pulling up to the truck. Words were exchanged.

McNeil said the truck driver, plumber Miguel “Shane” Harper, claimed Barnett threatened to “shoot the place up” but drove off because, McNeil said, he had flip-flops on and didn’t want to fight without shoes.

Whatever his reason, Anthony Barnett called Lamar Barnett and Floyd Harris and asked for help. They arrived soon after in Lamar Barnett’s Cadillac.

The three men approached Harper and a scuffle broke out; Damico and McNeil differed on whether Harris threw punches. After Harper fell to the ground, however, he drew a gun, and the men scrambled.

“It’s clear the plumber is shooting at them and then tracking them down,” Damico said.

McNeil said Harper used a weapon “he’s legally allowed to carry” to shoot both Barnetts, and said he continued to shoot because they were moving to their vehicles.

Harris got to the Cadillac and retrieved what Damico said was “a lawful concealed carry” handgun, which he used to shoot Harper.

Harper remained at the scene and gave a statement to police, McNeil said.

Harris and the Barnetts fled to LewisGale Medical Center, where police found them. McNeil said Harris cooperated with investigators.

Damico said Harris’ choice during the gunplay was to either abandon his relatives or help them, and Damico maintained that he acted in self-defense.

McNeil argued he was more culpable: “When Mr. Harris makes the conscious decision to go into a fight like this and knock another person down, bad things are going to happen. And bad things did happen.”

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Neil Harvey covers state courts in Franklin County and the cities of Roanoke and Salem. Follow him on Twitter @newsharvey

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