Police on Enon Drive

Roanoke County Police responded to a shooting on Enon Drive in the Hollins area on Monday morning.

One person is dead and two others were hospitalized following a shooting on Enon Drive in Roanoke County about 7 a.m. Monday, according to police.

Everyone has been accounted for in the Hollins-area home where the shooting happened. Roanoke County Spokeswoman Amy Whittaker said the person who died has been identified as 23-year-old Keonte K. Johnson, of Salem.

Whittaker said no charges have been filed. There was no danger to the greater public, she said.

All of the shooting victims were inside the two-level brick-and-frame house at the time of the shooting.

A total of eight people were in the house when the shooting started, Whittaker said.

Information on the two shooting survivors, including the extent of their injuries, was not available. Whittaker said the two others who had been shot were still in the hospital Monday evening.

Whittaker said she had no additional information to release as police continued their investigation.

Keegan Leckie, who lives next door, said he heard at least six shots and then screaming coming from inside the house.

“It happened very fast,” Leckie said.

After calling 911, Leckie said he looked outside and saw a man start to jog across the front yard of his neighbor’s house.

The man, who appeared to be bleeding from his leg, fell down and was assisted by several other people who came outside. He was later taken away in an ambulance, as was a woman who stayed inside, Leckie said.

Several hours later, a black hat, two flip flops and what appeared to be several pieces of clothing marked the spot where the man went down.

Inside police tape that surrounded the house, three vehicles were parked next to the home’s garage. A fourth sat nearby, with the driver’s side door open and no one inside.

Leckie said he did not know his neighbors very well. It appeared to him that four men were living in the house, which sits at the intersection of Enon Drive and Goff Road in a neighborhood of moderate to upper-priced homes with spacious yards, not far from Walrond Park off Plantation Road.

There were frequent visitors and cars in the driveway, neighbors said.

As police processed the crime scene, Kendall Ratliff drove up and had a conversation with one of the officers.

Ratliff said she knew one of the men who lived in the house, and was told that he was OK.

From what she learned from the police, Ratliff said, “There was just a gathering that went south.”

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Laurence Hammack covers environmental issues, including the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and business and enterprise stories. He has been a reporter for The Roanoke Times for more than three decades.

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