The list was for praying; Tonya Desiree Scott used it to prey.

On Wednesday morning, the 48-year-old Wytheville resident admitted in court that she used information from a church prayer request list to steal from an elderly woman.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Jones, Scott burglarized Isabelle Rider’s Wytheville residence last April after learning that Rider had been admitted to Carrington Place. Both women were members of the Wytheville Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Jones said after court.

The prosecutor said that Scott made off with a variety of household items including a TV, rolls of copper wire, coins and a camera. Two other suspects not associated with the church were also charged in connection to the thefts, Jones said.

Some of the stolen property was recovered in Scott’s residence and from local pawn shops, Jones said.

Scott pleaded guilty on Wednesday to grand larceny, conspiring to break and enter and breaking and entering.

Scott’s attorney asked the court to delay sentencing until Sept. 26 to give the probation office time to prepare a report for a judge who will decide her punishment.

Her prior criminal history includes charges of shoplifting, possessing stolen goods and attempting to commit a misdemeanor and assault, according to court records.

Free on bond, she faces a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison.

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