A third recent break-in at a Roanoke County sneaker shop shows an intruder was, yet again, at least partially foiled by the fact that shoes come in twos.

Officers responded about 1 a.m. Sunday to an alarm at Clean Soles at Lamplighter Mall in the 5500 block of Williamson Road. The 2-year-old business buys, trades and sells athletic footwear.

When police arrived, the store’s front glass was found broken and, behind the building, investigators discovered a cash register and a backpack as well as “18 shirts and 20 pairs of shoes totaling over $5,000 worth of merchandise,” according to a search warrant.

The warrant said police later spotted a white Nissan Armada cruising the area behind the building. They followed it to a home in the 3000 block of Oaklawn Avenue in northwest Roanoke.

A subsequent search of that home and the Nissan turned up seven different Nike Air Jordans of varying colors, all of which were for the right foot, according to the warrant. Two of them had price tags attached.

Police also seized a sweatshirt with the phrase “Call My Lawyer” printed on it, the warrant said.

Rob Wickham, who operates the store, said earlier this year that he typically puts only right shoes on display and stores the corresponding lefts in a separate part of the building.

Following the search of the car and the house, Roanoke County police arrested Manuel Carlos Ramirez-Godoy, 21, of Roanoke and charged him with grand larceny, breaking and entering, obstructing justice, destruction of property and possession of burglary tools, court records show.

The search warrant said Ramirez-Godoy’s student ID was found in the backpack that was located at the scene.

This is the third time Clean Shoes has reported a burglary in the past three months, and Wickham has said the break-ins in July and August similarly led to the loss of 13 right shoes and other athletic wear.

Police have said a juvenile has been charged with burglary in the July incident, but they are still investigating the break-in that occurred Aug. 25. Footage of a suspect inside the store was captured on video.

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Neil Harvey covers state courts in Franklin County and the cities of Roanoke and Salem. Follow him on Twitter @newsharvey

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