Williamson Road in 1973

An array of commercial signs for businesses, several advertising gasoline at 36.9 and 38.9 cents per gallon, marked Roanoke’s Williamson Road looking northward near the Preston Park neighborhood in 1973.

1994 (25 years ago)

  • “Roanoke companies probably aren’t big enough spenders in the travel industry to demand the kind of discounts from airlines that a few national companies are negotiating, said Ted Moomaw of World Travel Service. Moomaw said Thursday he is not aware of any local company engaged in such talks. ‘A lot of things go on in major markets driven by competitive forces we don’t have here,’ he said.”
  • “Roanoke will have to buy nine modular classrooms for some elementary schools because smaller classes are required in order to receive $1 million in disparity funds. The temporary classrooms will be located at Fallon Park, Garden City and Westside elementary schools.”
  • “Anyone who caught Glenvar’s heart-stopping finishes in the 1993 Group A baseball tournament probably figured the Highlanders had to be out of miracles. Wrong. Glenvar made last year’s first two victories look easy by rallying to trip Pound 7-2 on Thursday in the first round of this year’s tournament at Salem High School.”

1969 (50 years ago)

  • “Despite Monday’s heavy thundershowers and drizzling rain, work on the runways at Woodrum Airport was ‘moving nicely’ late Monday. Marshall Harris, airport manager, said Monday’s heavy showers caused a delay of ‘certainly a couple of hours and maybe more.’ ”
  • “Salem City Council agreed Monday night to offer the state land for a Virginia museum of science site. City Manager William J. Paxton Jr. was authorized to write a letter to a committee studying area proposals for the facility, suggesting a tract east of the Longwood property on Main Street.”
  • “The Salem Rebels returned to Municipal Field Monday night. But, they brought the rains home with them and their scheduled game with Raleigh-Durham was postponed. The two clubs therefore will play a doubleheader tonight, the first game starting a 6 o’clock.”

1919 (100 years ago)

  • “Nothing can now be shipped out of Roanoke over the Norfolk & Western Railway except foodstuffs, and shipments of these are taken subject to delay only. All shippers in the city were so notified this morning by the Norfolk & Western. The Virginian Railway is but a small competitor in regard to freight shipments and does not reach most of the points covered by the trade of Roanoke shippers, so that it is not in position to offer any decided relief.”
  • “Peach growers of the Roanoke section will meet at the Association of Commerce Monday, June 16th at 10 o’clock for the purpose of discussing certain problems with which they are confronted now that the new crop is coming. These problems have to do with picking and packing and while the information given out is not specific, it is understood that the labor question is one of those to be solved.”
  • “Whether the V.P.I.-V.M.I. Thanksgiving football game will be played in Roanoke this year or moved to Richmond will probably be decided this afternoon at a conference between Roanoke alumni of the Blacksburg institution and officials of the Association of Commerce with Coach C.A. Bernier, which is being held this afternoon at the Association of Commerce.”

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