gingerbread lollipops balls a2

July might sound a little early to start thinking about Christmas, but in the case of life-size lollipops, you’ll need to shop NOW. The first year I tried to make them, my plan was foiled when I realized those giant bouncy balls stacked up in the toy aisle are seasonal items. Instead of the balls, I used heavy-duty punching balloons, and that was a big flop -- they deflated in the winter air within days. (These bouncy balls were $2.50 each at Walmart)

Do you have more ideas for turning a home into a gingerbread house? Please share in the comments below or email

What you’ll need to make a life-size lollipop:

  • 1 bouncy ball
  • 1 PVC pipe (The height it up to you … but a 1.5” width is recommended)
  • Hacksaw to cut the PVC
  • Plunger
  • Heavy-duty glue (we used Amazing Goop waterproof glue for plumbing repairs)
  • Plastic gift basket bag
  • String, tape, ribbon or floral wire to tie the basket bag to the plunger
  • Optional: Smaller PVC pipe or (or other stakes/sticks lying around the garage) to help support the lollipops in the ground
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