I have always enjoyed looking through old magazines and a good friend recently gave me several issues of LIFE from the early 1960s. In addition to the articles that can give a “real time” look at history, I enjoy reading the period advertisements, many for once-popular products and brands no longer in existence or no longer “kosher” to promote in mainstream media.

One of these publications was the Feb. 12, 1962, LIFE with a cover story of astronaut (later senator) John Glenn, and among the ads you won’t find today were full-page promotions for home encyclopedias, Lucky Strike and Philip Morris cigarettes, and Studebaker and Oldsmobile cars.

But there was one advertisement that really stood out and emphasized how much times have changed in the past 50 years. This was an ad for what was then the nation’s biggest oil company, Humble Oil, which sold its gas under the ESSO brand.

Under a two-page wide-color photo of an Alaskan glacier was the headline: “EACH DAY HUMBLE SUPPLIES ENOUGH ENERGY TO MELT 7 MILLION TONS OF GLACIER”!

I’m not sure any oil company would want to brag about melting glaciers today.

— Jim Marchman, a reader in Blacksburg

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