A few weeks ago, around midnight, my husband was experiencing severe pain. We placed a call to 911, and the team arrived very quickly. They took him to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital’s emergency department, where he was treated with dignity and shown much concern about his level of pain. He was given tests to determine if they could identify the problem.

After a bit, it was decided that he needed to be admitted to the hospital. At that time, there were no beds available so he was taken to the transitional care unit, where again he was shown great care and concern.

Later that day, he was admitted to the 12th floor West and, after more tests, had surgery to unblock an artery in the stomach area.

All the EMTs, nurses, doctors, surgeons and aides, in my opinion, went beyond expectations for care. We are very blessed to have such fine dedicated people and this medical facility here in Roanoke.

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