So much is being made of the sins of our past of late, errors in judgment that can never be rescinded. Our youth of today are no different than we were, they just post their indiscretions on Facebook. We hid ours from our parents or worse yet, from ourselves.

I recently ventured to a discount store in search of some tennis balls. I circled the store twice and then asked the young store clerk where the tennis balls could be found. He asked me, “Who are these balls for?” I truly thought my bright red Roger Federer shirt and tennis skirt were a dead giveaway, but obviously I was mistaken. “For me,” I replied. He informed me the store only carried tennis balls for dogs. Did I want them? “No dear, I wanted the ones for humans.” I left chuckling and just shook my head.

It was only a few days later that I was in my favorite sewing store excited to make a purchase during the annual sale on their finest spools of thread. These were threads of every color in a beautiful hanging box. As I prepared to pay, the sweet girl behind the register looked up and asked, “Do you sew?”

“Oh no, I just like to look at the pretty colors,” I replied. Another chuckle, and another shake of my head.

If youth is truly wasted on the young, then what are we to learn as adults? We are to learn to forgive ourselves our youthful ignorant statements and actions. We are to learn to laugh at our past. As we age, we hopefully grow wiser. If truly blessed, we forgive those who were as thoughtless and pointless as we were.

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