Local voters can now learn about Montgomery County candidates’ positions thanks to a new website that provides easy access to the various races for public office in the upcoming Nov. 5 election.

VOTE411.org has information on candidates on the ballot in Christiansburg, Blacksburg and Montgomery County.

“Candidates’ answers to questions on local issues are presented in a balanced and nonpartisan format,” explained Beth Obenshain, president of the League of Women Voters, Montgomery County Chapter. “Voters can easily see the answers to questions from the various candidates compared side-by-side.”

Knowing candidates’ answers can be valuable information to have before going to the polls, Obenshain said.

Candidates in the competitive Christiansburg Town Council race, the election in two districts for the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, a County School Board race and the election of Montgomery County Treasurer as well as Virginia Senate and House of Delegates races are all featured on VOTE411.org. Candidates in noncompetitive races for Blacksburg Town Council and county posts are also listed on the site.

To access the site, log on to VOTE411.org and enter your address. It takes a few more clicks on easy-to-find tabs to see the races in individual districts.

— Submitted by Mary Ann Johnson

Submitted by Mary Ann Johnson

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