As part of the Clothe a Child Program and the School Supplies Program set up to serve the six Christiansburg area schools, Ernie Wade, member of the Kiwanis Club of Christiansburg, recently presented Walmart gift cards to Tony Deibler, principal of Christiansburg High School; Oliver Lewis, principal of Christiansburg Primary School; Lori Comer, principal of Belview Elementary School; and Micah Mefford, principal of Christiansburg Middle School. 

The value of these gift cards was $550. The Kiwanis Club funds each card in the amount of $500 and Walmart adds $50.

The two programs were established with the schools and Walmart several years ago to provide support for children who need clothing and/or supplies but cannot afford to buy their own. School personnel administer the programs, determine the needs and make the purchases from Walmart. Once the funds balance on the cards are used up, the school notifies the Kiwanis Club, which replenishes the cards.

Funding for service projects such as these are generated by events like the Kiwanis Wilderness Trail Festival which is held the third Saturday of September each year. This year's festival will be Sept. 21 in downtown Christiansburg.

One-hundred percent of all income taken in from Kiwanis fundraisers goes back into the community, with most going to serve the needs of the children in the Christiansburg area.

Submitted by Ernie Wade

Submitted by Ernie Wade

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