Virginia Tech basketball player Ty Outlaw is no longer the only resident of his apartment who has been charged with marijuana possession.

His roommate and former teammate Chris Clarke has now been charged, too.

Clarke, who was indefinitely suspended from the Virginia Tech men’s basketball team in October, was served a summons last Saturday charging him with one misdemeanor count of marijuana possession. Clarke’s case was filed Monday in Montgomery County General District Court.

The offense date listed for Clarke is March 20. That was the same offense date that was listed last week for Outlaw, who was away in California at that time.

Outlaw was delivered a summons on March 26 charging him with one misdemeanor count of marijuana possession.

His apartment had been searched by Blacksburg police on March 21, while Outlaw and the Tech men’s basketball team were in California.

Clarke and Outlaw live in the same apartment, according to the apartment number and address on each summons.

The same Blacksburg police officer, H.A. Rose, delivered each summons.

While Outlaw played for the Hokies all season, Clarke has not been with the team for practices or games since being suspended on Oct. 31 for undisclosed reasons.

Outlaw and the Hokies arrived in California on the afternoon of March 20 for their first two games in the NCAA Tournament.

At 6:07 p.m. that day, according to a subsequent search warrant, Rose arrived at Outlaw’s apartment in reference to a narcotics violation. While attempting to make contact with the occupants of the apartment, the officer noticed “a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the residence,” according to the warrant. The officer was unable to contact residents of the apartment.

The patrol officer obtained a search warrant the following day. Police on March 21 seized one white pill, two yellow capsules, an electronic vape cartridge and green plant material from the apartment.

A summons for Outlaw was issued on March 25, the day the team flew back from California. Outlaw’s case was filed in court last week.

Tech coach Buzz Williams said last week that Outlaw was given a drug test by an “outside agency” on March 27 and that the test’s result was negative.

Outlaw played in the Hokies’ Sweet 16 loss to Duke on March 29. It was the final college game for the sixth-year senior swingman who has graduated from Virginia Tech.

Clarke, who would have been a senior forward this season, was removed from the team’s roster when he was indefinitely suspended from the squad .

Clarke is due in court on May 9.

Clarke has been charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor for a second or subsequent offense for alleged marijuana possession.

Outlaw was charged with a Class U misdemeanor for a first offense for alleged marijuana possession.

Outlaw’s first court appearance has been postponed from April 11 to June 13.

Mark Berman covers Virginia Tech men’s basketball and many other teams at the university. He also helps cover other colleges, including Radford, VMI, Roanoke, Washington and Lee and Ferrum.

Mike Gangloff covers crime, breaking news and courts in the New River Valley.

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