For students with family or an established career, relocating or commuting to campus can be a challenge. However, transferring from a community college to a four-year college or university allied with the Roanoke Higher Education Center can be a convenient, affordable path to a bachelor’s degree and its rewards – financial and personal.

Eulah Stuart Price, site coordinator of Radford University’s Office of Academic Outreach at the Roanoke Higher Education Center, recommends early planning. Price encourages students to research programs at universities of interest before their senior years. Many high schools offer dual-enrollment courses and Price said that by choosing and completing such courses, students can complete their freshman and sophomore years without leaving home. Radford has agreements in place with Virginia’s community colleges that smooth a student’s transfer process.

Price points out that Radford classes at the RHEC are a hybrid of online learning and in-person meetings that accommodate students who want to advance their career prospects with educational achievement while staying home for work or family reasons.

Roanoke has become a regional medical center serving thousands of people. Price highlights Radford’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the RHEC as among Radford’s most prestigious programs. At the RHEC, Radford also offers undergraduate degree programs in high-demand careers like criminal justice, social work and interdisciplinary studies with elementary teacher licensure.

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