Scott Weimer

Virginia Tech Continuing and Professional Education prepares leaders for the 21st Century.

Baby boomers are retiring, and taking their institutional and management knowledge with them. Forward-thinking leaders are preparing the up-and-coming employees to take the reins and lead their companies to prosperity in the 21st Century.

Virginia Tech Roanoke Center's Toolkit for 21st Century Leaders, a professional development certificate program that helps emerging leaders develop the skills necessary to lead, manage, and inspire their organizations.

“Leaders in the 21st Century need to be adaptive, nimble and prepared for anything,” said Scott Weimer, interim director, Virginia Tech Roanoke Center. “The Toolkit for the 21st Century Leaders teaches advanced management skills needed no matter the occupational setting.”

Weimer said that the classes meet monthly from August to March. Each session covers a different topic, with lecturers from Virginia Tech and experienced business leaders throughout the community.

Students meet in the classroom and are assigned personal coaches to guide them through the coursework. Assignments include outside reading.

“Throughout the course, our participants grow tremendously in their leadership abilities,” Weimer said. “They network and share what they’ve learned. Many have told us that the connections made in the course have helped them throughout their careers.”

Weimer said participants in the Toolkit for 21st Century Leaders should have some college experience and federal grants are available to those who qualify.

The Toolkit for 21st Century Leaders is just one of the degree and non-degree programs offered through Virginia Tech at the Roanoke Higher Education Center. Virginia Tech Continuing and Professional Education customizes programs for corporations, non-profits and government entities to meet specific needs or learning challenges.

“Virginia Tech Continuing and Professional Education connects the university to the curious and ambitious,” Weimer said. “We believe that by sharing knowledge and information, we are helping our region retain the highly-sought workforce companies demand. This helps our region’s economic development and quality of life.” 

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