From the student taking an online learning course to the graduate seeking their certification or licensure to start a new career, many people find themselves needing a quiet and professional place to take a “high stakes” exam. The Roanoke Higher Education Center (RHEC) is that place.

The RHEC is a member of the National College Testing Association as well as the Consortium of College Testing Centers, says Carla L. James-Jackson, Senior Director of Academic and Student Services. The testing center, centrally located in downtown Roanoke, is a state-of-the-art facility staffed with qualified proctors. These proctors provide a secure testing environment, where conditions are closely monitored and the results can be safeguarded and verified. The center also includes accommodative testing areas for those with special needs.

What types of tests does the RHEC offer?

Praxis, a test for prospective teachers, is the most popular, James-Jackson says. Students enrolled in distance learning programs can designate the RHEC as their proctoring site. CLEP and DSST allow high schoolers and those with college credit to place out of general education courses. The LSAT is offered, as well as the MAT, which often takes the place of the GRE. People can obtain their GED and seek employment opportunities, such as becoming an USPS postal worker, a TSA agent, or a pharmacy technician.

Last year, the RHEC administered 4,600 exams, and the Center offers over 6,000 different types of tests.

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