Education is moving from brick and mortar campuses to the internet. Even the nation’s top-ranked schools are offering programs online. This trend has been beneficial for those interested in a subject that would otherwise require them to leave home, says Cherie Reich, an assistant at the Roanoke Higher Education Center.

While learning on your own online is fairly straightforward, testing usually requires supervision to ensure the results are valid and accurate. A dedicated testing center staffed with certified proctors can test students securely, comfortably and efficiently.

The RHEC Educational Testing Center gives around 4,500 distance education exams per year, ranging from employment tests to postgraduate exams, Reich says. The fee for a half-day test is $28.50, and for a full day, it’s $53.50. It’s also open to those who are not RHEC students. Professional proctors ensure all of your testing materials are available when you arrive, and your results are properly returned - whether it’s a pencil-and-paper test by mail, or an online test transmitted electronically. The center also provides special accommodations, such as extra time for students who need it, and private rooms for those who must take tests verbally.

Students should bring an ID, and while snacks, water, and cellphones are allowed in the building, they can’t be bought into the testing center. This keeps the environment quiet and free of distractions.

The center is a member of the National College Testing Association and the Consortium of College Testing Centers.

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